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TOBIMATSU Kenji, whose former stage name was SHIMIZU Kenji(KEN G).
jazz saxophonist & composer
Tobimatsu Kenji was born in Yamaguchi, Japan in 1967. He began studying saxophone at age fourteen and was giging at the local jazz club in Yamaguchi all through high school.
In 1986, after graduation, He moved to Tokyo and switched to tenor sax, studying under Takao Uematsu, the wizard of the Japanese jazz music world.
In 2005, 2007 and 2009, he played at the Toronto Downtown Jazz Festival with San Murata Trio. And He released 4CDs recorded in Toronto and New York.
His playing style is commonly called "Japanese Joe Henderson", a style with great flexibility that makes him an all round player. He has made this style his own and his sound will surely move his co-players and audiences everywhere.
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Kenji Shimizu Discography
1997 Two Face
2006 Last Winter / KEN G(sax) San Murata(vln) Dan Ionescu(g) Jack Zorawski(b) recorded in Toronto.
2006 Tenderly / KEN G(sax) San Murata(vln) Norman Amadio(p) recorded in Toronto
2007 You Can Sleep Now / KEN G(sax) Gary Binsted(b) recorded in Toronto
2008 CRY OF THE WILD / KEN G(sax) JAKE LANGLEY(g) RON OSWANSKI(org) JOE STRASSER(ds) recorded in New York
2012 Black Coffee / Urakami Maki(vo,g) KEN G(sax)
2015 Japanese Standards / Shimizu Kenji
2017 Air on the G String / Shimizu Kenji


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